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The Best Laser Hair Removal System For Women On A Budget

If you are looking to buy a laser hair removal system then you need to complete some research to find the one that is right for your skin tone and hair color particularly if you are on a budget. When you look into these systems you will need to consider what you need to look for in the system and what systems are actually on the market in your price range. When the warmer months come there is generally an increase in the sale of these devices as women become tired of the time-consuming procedure of shaving.

As IPL and laser treatments offer longer lasting results compared to waxing and shaving while being less irritating to the skin, they are considered a better option.

However, it is hard to determine which system will deliver the best results and which ones you should stay away from. A lot of people fail to do their research on the models and simply choose to buy the most expensive assuming that this is the best. Many of these women will be driven by the idea of removing their hair for months at a time. However, not looking at customer reviews and hitting the buy button is something that you should avoid.

Home laser removal systems have been created in an attempt to bring salon procedures to the comfort of your home in a much more affordable way. While the price of the system often reflects the quality of the device, this is not always the case. There are many effective systems that have a much lower price than you would expect. It will also be much lower than the cost of a single laser removal session at the dermatologist.

Laser Hair Removal System Buying Guides

If you are willing to complete laser hair removal treatments at home then a home removal system will be effective and affordable. The savings that you make between the home system and the dermatologist trips can be impressive. A professional treatment can cost between $1500 and $2000 per session for a single area of the body while a home system costs much less at around $500. The home systems are also FDA approved with many causing minimal amounts of pain and being very simple to use.

When you are completing research on the top selling models there are a few points you have to keep in mind. The first is that laser hair removal will take some time before it is fully effective. The area will require repeated treatments every 2 weeks over 3 to 6 months. It is also important to note that the hair removal process may never be complete, but the upkeep over the months will be minimal.

This treatment has been designed for bikini areas, arms, underarms and legs. The systems are generally not safe for use on the face, breasts or genitals. However, certain models have been designed for use on the face and other sensitive areas, but you need to check the model first.

While using the system you may feel a warming sensation, but home devices will only have a minor heating sensation. If you notice any redness around the treated area, this should go away in a few days. The redness will generally not cause any permanent damage to your skin.

Each treated section will take some time and you need to treat a small area at a time and move along in an overlapping pattern. This means that a single leg could take a long time to treat. A lot of consumers recommend having a grid method on your legs to ensure that you do not over treat the areas.

The color of your hair will matter when you look at home laser systems as dark hair has more pigment. The pigment will need to be targeted by the laser before it can affect the hair follicle. If your hair color is naturally dark brown, black or dark blond you will be able to use any laser hair removal device. However, if you have lighter hair or red hair then most of the devices will not work as well for you. This is due to light hair lacking pigmentation which conducts the light to the roots of the hair follicles. Your best alternative would be to use wax or hair removal creams.

You will also need to consider your skin tone when looking for a compatible device. Laser removal systems use light energy to heat the dark pigment in the hair to disable the follicle, but this will leave light skin tones unaffected. With this being the case, home laser devices work best on light skin tones. Darker skin tones which have a lot of pigmentation in the skin cells can end up confusing the laser and result in the skin being heated instead of the hair.

Most home devices have been designed to treat 6 skin tones which you will find listed on the manufacturer's website. This will help you choose the model that works best for you. If you want to avoid damage to the skin then you need to choose a device that works with your skin tone. Some of the unwanted skin reactions you could face include blisters, burns, temporary or permanent skin darkening or lightening and increased redness.​

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Review

The hair removal laser by Tria has been approved by the FDA and allows you to take advantage of the power of laser hair removal without having to leave your home and head to the salon. This device comes with many advanced features to help ensure professional and permanent results that can last for months.

Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert IPL 5001 Review

The Venus silk system of hair removal by Gillette has a design that is quite similar to the devices used by professional salons using laser devices. This model is tested clinically to ensure functionality and comes equipped with a sensor used to detect skin tone and ensure that you select the correct light intensity and achieve the safest and most effective treatment possible.

With IPL treatments the skin tone will also need to be considered. When using IPL devices the hair follicle will absorb light when there is a distinguishable difference between the hair and skin which makes people with light to medium skin tones the best candidates. If you have light hair or dark skin then you should not consider OPL treatments. In the worst case, you could suffer serious injury while nothing could happen in the best case.

Before using an IPL device you will need to carefully look at the manual which should have a color chart of the skin types and details on complexion types that are suitable for treatment. Before jumping into the session you should also complete a small skin patch test. If the device detects a dark skin tone it will generally lock and not emit the pulses. It is impossible to use the device on skin areas that have tattoos and the nipples.

Many manufacturers will note that there are medical and health risks when using both of these treatments so you need to read the manual before you start. Laser treatments should not be used for treatment on moles, areas with excess fat, scars or wrinkles. There are also certain medications that can make your skin more sensitive to light.

Most manufacturers recommend that you treat the area once every few weeks. You should look at a 60% reduction in hair growth over the weeks following the initial treatment and further reduction with each session. Most users find that 8 to 10 treatments are done and completed approximately every 2 weeks. Many consumers looking for faster results have stated that they use the device weekly, but this will cause problems such as skin irritation. This irritation will cause you to delay the ongoing treatment for a few weeks while your skin takes the time to heal.

Each laser system will have either audio, visual or combination alters which tell you when you should move the device to a new area of the skin. This takes the guesswork out of using these devices. These home systems are considered to be foolproof and can make the treatments very simple and easy to do. It is important to note that as with treatment in a dermatologist office you will experience an uncomfortable sting when these alerts sound, but most consumers are not bothered by this.​

Laser Home Systems Versus Intense Pulsed Light

Getting rid of unwanted hair can be done with both laser and intense pulsed light systems. While these methods of hair removal are similar there is one clear difference. This is that laser treatments use a laser while IPL treatments will not. IPL treatments use light to destroy the hair follicles.

IPL and laser technology is different and they have been branded under different names by different manufacturers and often have unique features. However, the one point that they have in common is that they can rid your body of hair. Both treatments generate heat to damage the hair follicles. This removal method can cause a burnt hair smell when done and will give the skin a look and feel like light sunburn.

The FDA has ruled that home treatment systems are not allowed to claim that they can permanently remove hair. This simply means that the evidence provided to the FDA did not show that this is possible. Both of these methods have also not been around long enough to prove that they can, but many consumers have stated that the hair is removed for around 6 years after several weeks of treatment.

Even with life-long results not guaranteed many women are still using these treatments. The idea that you can get rid of unwanted hair for a prolonged period of time is attractive to most, as it saves the time spent on shaving. When looking at which type of technology works the best for prolonged results this will vary depending on the person, their skin time, their hair color and the hair thickness.

Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System Review

A favorite among consumers, the iLight Pro by Remington has many features that provide great results in a convenient package. This IPL system of hair removal is great for those who want to avoid waxing and is much more affordable than visiting a salon for professional hair removal.

Devices for removing hair at home can sometimes be fickle, meaning what works well for one person might not be a great choice for another. The thickness of your hair, it’s color, and your skin tone all play a role in the effectiveness of these types of treatments. Because this device uses IPL, it’s not recommended for individuals with darker skin, as dark skin absorbs too much light.

Making The Right Choice For Top Hair Removal Systems

You need to expect to spend at least between $400 and $500 when looking at IPL or laser treatment systems. Most of the high-quality products will have a warranty of some sort and provide you a 30 to 60-day return guarantee should you find that the device does not work with your skin tone. Of course, if you want to avoid the entire exchange or returns process then you can look at what other customers have said about the device before you buy it.

You should look to see if customers have been provided with a skin tone chart and what the product restrictions are. You should also see if any limitations to the device have been listed in the reviews. Finding reviews from people who have a similar skin tone and hair color to yourself will help you determine whether or not the device you are looking at will be the right one for you. You will also be able to get some idea of the build quality from the reviews.

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