Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert IPL 5001 Review

The Venus silk system of hair removal by Gillette has a design that is quite similar to the devices used by professional salons using laser devices. This model is tested clinically to ensure functionality and comes equipped with a sensor used to detect skin tone and ensure that you select the correct light intensity and achieve the safest and most effective treatment possible.

Deciding to buy a high-tech system to remove hair can be both exciting and risky, especially with their expensive price tags. These devices can sometimes be hit or miss when it comes to how effective they are, depending greatly on the hair color and skin tone of the user. However, some products also put a focus on the texture of the hair, and are less effective for someone with a coarser hair type.

This system received mixed reviews according to consumers who purchased it and tried it out for themselves. While some users found the device very satisfactory, others claimed they were not able to achieve the results they had hoped for and found the device to be less effective than simply going to the salon for a similar treatment.

Overview for the Braun Gillette Venus

This model, manufactured by Gillette Venus, uses the fastest possible IPL technology, enabling the user to completely treat their arm or a leg in just 8 minutes without having to sacrifice quality or effectiveness.

According to feedback provided by consumers, around 90 percent reported favorable results after a few months of use. Consumers were also happy to note that there are not hidden costs when it comes to treatments.

This device is has a cord, meaning there is no waiting for a battery to charge if it dies mid-treatment, a common complaint among models that feature a rechargeable battery. This device is quite straightforward, with easy to understand instructions and no unnecessary attachments.

When you open the box, you will find one of Venus’ popular razors, so everything you need is included to complete the removal of hair from beginning to end.

Before you begin using this device, you should ensure that the area you plan on treating is shaved ahead of time, using the razor that is included to ensure the area is properly prepared. Once the shaving is done, dry the area thoroughly, plug your device in, and begin the treatment.

Pros and Cons of Devices For Laser Hair Removal

Pros: Most users were pleasantly surprised to find that the device was quite easy to use. Once you have turned the device on, simply place its head onto your skin and wait for the light meter to light up. Then the device’s amazing technology comes into play. This model uses a technology known as Senso Adapt, a sensor that determines your specific skin tone and adjusts the settings of the device to ensure it uses the proper amount of light in order to achieve results that are both safe and effective. This is why most consumers felt confident that this system of hair removal was working effectively for them. It can be quite intimidating to have to try and figure out the proper light intensity level to use on your own, and using the wrong level will deliver unsatisfactory results. This model takes care of this process for you, doing all the necessary measuring and calculating. Once you place the device’s head on the area you want to treat, simply press the button and the device will start delivering the proper level of light instantly, alerting you with a red light when the process has completed. You then continue moving the device, repeating this same process on the areas of the body that you want to treat. Most consumers reported that the pain level of this device was very minor. In fact, it was often described as feeling like a rubber band was slapped against the skin, and passed quickly enough that you won’t even have to slow down.

Some consumers found that they were noticing major changes after doing several treatments.

However, many users don’t begin noticing the changes until about a month after beginning treatment. After this time, the number of hair follicles has been reduced significantly. This device is great for individuals with fair skin and darker hair. It will take approximately 8 minutes to treat a full leg. A treatment of the whole body can take around 90 minutes, and results will last nearly 6 months. Treating the underarm area requires a minute or less. This device ensures that safety and power are kept perfectly balanced. The high-tech skin tone sensor ensures that the level of light and its intensity is set perfectly every time. This model is also one of the fastest devices available on the market. If users want to reduce how intense the treatment is, they can opt to set the device to gentle mode, perfect for areas that are delicate or highly sensitive, like the bikini line. When compared with other models with a similar price, this device is better suited to handle a wider variety of skin tones. It also comes complete with a UV filter that is integrated to ensure safety, and it is approved by the FDA. Consumers can also download an app from Braun Silk that will help to keep track of the process of treatment and set reminders on a calendar.

Cons: Individuals with darker skin may want to look elsewhere, as dark skin absorbs more light, making the device less effective. It also does not work well on hair that is red, gray, white, or blonde. Some consumers viewed their purchase as risky as results can vary widely when it comes to the amount of hair reduced. Other consumers claimed that the device did slow the growth of their hair, however, as the hair grew back it was not any finer or lighter.

Potential buyers looking for a device for hair removal with a more solid reputation when it comes to results may want to look at the iLight professional hair removal device by Remington, which is also lower in price.

Rating and Conclusion

It is important to remember that this device has received a lot of mixed reviews. How well it works seems to depend greatly on what type of hair you have as well as your skin tone. Even women who had dark hair, which is supposed to be ideal, had some complaints when it came to results with this device. If you are fine with taking a little bit of a chance to buy this device, make sure you check that the seller has a solid policy when it comes to returns. As a whole, consumers who bought and tried the IPL 5001 Venus Silk by Braun Gillette as their hair removal system gave an average of four stars out of five, especially when it came to how easy it was to use, the skin tone sensor technology, and the process by which the treatment was applied.


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