Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System Review

A favorite among consumers, the iLight Pro by Remington has many features that provide great results in a convenient package. This IPL system of hair removal is great for those who want to avoid waxing and is much more affordable than visiting a salon for professional hair removal.

Devices for removing hair at home can sometimes be fickle, meaning what works well for one person might not be a great choice for another. The thickness of your hair, it’s color, and your skin tone all play a role in the effectiveness of these types of treatments. Because this device uses IPL, it’s not recommended for individuals with darker skin, as dark skin absorbs too much light.

If you are unsure if this is the right product for your particular skin tone, you can visit the website of the manufacturer where you will find a helpful chart that can help you figure out what intensity of light you need to use, or if you need a model that is more powerful.

Overview of Remington’s IPL Hair Removal Device

This type of device does not actually use a laser, instead employing intense light that is pulsed as it is delivered. This model has been approved for home use by the FDA and has been proven in clinical trials to reduce the growth of hair significantly. In fact, you can find IPL devices similar to this one in use at professional dermatology offices around the world.

This model has a cord instead of a rechargeable battery, which many people prefer as you don’t need to stop treatments when the charge runs out. This system also has a fast rate of flash, meaning that it only takes about a half an hour to complete a hair removal treatment. Smaller areas of the body will only take 10-20 minutes.

Remington’s iLight works similarly to laser hair removal devices, however, it has more flexibility when it comes to skin tones and hair color. It can be used on skin tones ranging from light brown to very fair, however, it is not effective on dark skin tones.

This model uses a cartridge to work, providing 15,000 flashes. Unfortunately, this will result in an ongoing expense which many consumers do not like. Replacement cartridges can cost between 20 to 30 dollars each.

This device is best suited for people who have light skin and fine, dark-colored hair. With darker hair, the treatments are more effective. You should not use the iLight to treat facial hair. It is also important to shave before performing each treatment session. A close shave will result in less discomfort or pain during the actual treatment process.

While the reduction in hair growth isn’t permanent, maintenance using this technology means you will only have to retreat your hair every 6 months or so after you finish your first treatment round.

This device provides five levels of intensity for the best results. You should always start at the lowest level to learn how it feels to have the treatment, gradually working up to higher levels. A higher level means a stronger intensity of light, ideal for hair that is coarse in texture.

It is recommended to use level four on the upper thighs and bikini line. You should use the highest level on your legs if you want to see the best results.

Some side effects have been reported using this device, however, they are very minor. Some people experienced some skin redness as well as increased sensitivity, which feels like a mild sunburn, after performing their first treatment. This will only last 2-3 days after treatment.

Pros and Cons of the iLight

Pros: When compared to past models of IPL hair removal devices by Remington, this model is much faster. It also requires fewer sessions for each treatment than similarly priced devices and has a power cord that is longer than most. The FDA has approved this IPL home device as safe, and it has a runtime that allows you to treat your entire body in approximately 90 minutes. Not only is this model the newer version of Remington’s Pro Plus, it is also lower in price. It uses the energy of light to disable the growth of hair at the follicle in the convenience of your own home and at a price that is affordable. It comes with a rectangular head that measures 2 centimeters, which is among the largest available on models meant for home use. It only requires 4 flashes on each square inch of skin. This number can be used to calculate the number of cartridges that will be required to complete the treatment each session. Treatment is safe and will not burn your skin or require additional creams and gels to numb the skin. Many people also like that the power cord means the device can be used immediately, anytime, without having to wait for it to charge.

The cord itself is flexible and extra long, allowing you to move freely as you perform your treatments. This model is considered one of the top devices available, and users can start to see the results of their treatments in just 3 months. While that can seem long, it is worth the extra time to rid yourself of the need to shave and wax.

Cons: The biggest drawback to this unit is that it is not suitable for all hair colors or skin tones. Individuals who have coarser hair may not get the results they want. Because the device uses IPL, those who have a dark complexion may not see very good results. Some consumers believe that the device needs to come with multiple cartridges instead of the single one it currently contains.

If you are looking for a system of hair removal that is powerful and versatile, another option is the Tria Beauty, which is slightly more expensive, but has a better reputation when it comes to quality and effectiveness.

Rating and Conclusion on Remington’s iLight

The Remington iLight is a device to remove hair that is very straightforward, simple to use, and effective. Many consumers found that the long and flexible cord was a great selling point, allowing free movement while also avoiding the extra time of charging a battery. With the ability to remove hair from the entire body with a single session, with no need to wait on a recharge, it’s no wonder that some complain that it is hard to find this model in stock. Consumers who bought the iLight gave it an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, thanks to its long cord, ease of use, quality, and FDA approval.


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